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Working Without Weaning

Monday, September 28th, 2015

Most find it impossible to breastfeed after they get back to work, it is however very much possible. Breastfeeding involves intense planning; averagely millions of mothers get back to work without weaning their infants.
What does it entail?
1. Understanding on how milk is to be expressed when the mother is at work.
2. Proper equipment’s.
3. Prior planning with baby sitters and the employers.
4. Adverse understanding on how law is applicable on the same situation.
5. Timing and privacy at the workplace. Read More

When Is The Right Time To Get A Breast Pump?

Friday, September 25th, 2015

Direct breastfeeding or latching is the best way to increase and control milk supply. This is because the suckling and the baby’s’ saliva will assist in sending signals that increase milk production. This is why moms are encouraged to focus on getting a good latch when the baby arrives. Though we have plans and preferences that are geared towards the health of the baby, predicting when breastfeeding will be impossible is not in our ability.

This is where a good breast pump comes in. Read More

Using A Breast Pump Correctly

Monday, September 21st, 2015

After acquiring a pump that is convenient and compatible with your day to day errands, you can begin pumping the milk. Two weeks after the baby’s birth it is important to pump regularly to relieve engorgement that may cause some pain or discomfort to the mother, the pumped milk can be stored. Regular pumping in the earlydays goes to tell the body that you might have given birth to more than a single child which might prove dangerous as it may put the mother at risk of breast problems like plugged ducts and engorgement due to high milk production. Read More

Top Rated Breast Pumps

Friday, September 18th, 2015

Starting the breastfeeding process can be quite a difficult affair especially for new moms. Most moms will not face the challenges because they don’t have enough milk, but because they get frustrated and clumsy in the feeding. Most will not be doing things the right way and this will only increase the stress level. Because baby formula is not an option for most moms a breast pump is the best way to keep the baby nourished.

The good thing with today’s health care is that with insurance cover you can get a free breast pump without spending a single cent. Read More

The Importance Of A Breast Pump

Monday, September 14th, 2015

Whether you are a working or a stay-at-home mom, a breast pump will come in handy when you are breastfeeding. There are a number of scenarios that breast pump is viewed as important and we will look at a few of these and also at how you can get a free breast pump with insurance cover.

Regulation of Breast Milk
In simple language, the more breast milk is demanded, the more the body will produce. This means that breast milk will be produced with accordance to the amount removed either through the normal breastfeeding or through the breast pump. Read More

The Benefits Of An Electric Breast Pump

Monday, September 7th, 2015

All mothers want to give their babes the best and pure natural breast milk is one way to do that. The unfortunate thing is that most moms have a problem breastfeeding ranging from improper latching by the baby, inverted nipples and busy schedules. Regardless of the type of challenge you are facing, a breast pump will be a great solution and should be among the baby items you have especially now that insurance covers breast pumps. With a breast pump, you will have a breastfeeding alternative and your baby will still be taking pure breast milk just like it should be even when you are away. Read More

The Alternative Feeding Option – Breast Pumping

Friday, September 4th, 2015

Since the existence of humans, breastfeeding has been part of us and can never be replaced. Soon to be mothers are always thinking of the smooth quiet moments that they will share with their new born as they suckle quietly. Unfortunately, after the baby arrives, they realize that their serenity bubble is busted by the challenges they face. The breastfeeding process is not as natural as most people think and each mom has to go through the learning process. Because of the excruciating labors and the post-partum depression combined with the daily activities’ stress, most mothers are finding other feeding options that are less straining. Read More