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Will UMR cover my breast pump?

Yes, most self-fund employee health plans administered by UMR provide breast pumps and accessories as a covered benefit.  Following the guidelines of the Affordable Care Act, insurance plans administered by UMR should cover breastfeeding equipment and supplies as preventative benefits, meaning they should come at little to no cost to patients.  The specialists at Insurance Covered Breast Pumps can help you navigate through the details of your insurance coverage policy and make sure that you get your breast pumps and supplies.  Insurance Covered Breast Pumps carries all major breast pump brands to suit your unique needs and situation.

UMR covered breast pumps

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A prescription from a UMR authorized physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, or nurse midwife is required.  This prescription must specify the type (manual or standard electric) of breast pump but it does not need to specify any certain brand, model or style.  Breast pumps and supplies covered by UMR can be provided from a medical supply provider like Insurance Covered Breast Pumps.

What is UMR Insurance?

UMR is the nation’s largest third-party administrator (TPA) which provides outsourced medical plan administration for companies offering self-funded plans.  As such, UMR is not an insurance provider but an administrator for the medical plans offered by relatively large companies to their employees.  However, as a division of UnitedHealthcare, UMR manages these medical plans in such a way that the claims process and administration of benefits are in many ways the same as a traditional insurance plan.  In fact, most patients do not see much of a difference between traditional insured plans vs. a company self-funded plan admistrered by UMR.

As a UnitedHealthcare company, UMR can offer an extensive network of resources and technology advancements to support companies in lowering medical costs and improving the health of their employees.  More information about UMR and the associated services can be found at

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