When Is The Right Time To Get A Breast Pump?

Direct breastfeeding or latching is the best way to increase and control milk supply. This is because the suckling and the baby’s’ saliva will assist in sending signals that increase milk production. This is why moms are encouraged to focus on getting a good latch when the baby arrives. Though we have plans and preferences that are geared towards the health of the baby, predicting when breastfeeding will be impossible is not in our ability.

This is where a good breast pump comes in. It is important that you get the best breast pump for your situation before the baby arrives just to be prepared and reduce the last minute rush. One way to find a great breast pump is through checking breast pumps reviews. This will help you in choosing a pump that will meet all your needs. The understanding of different brands and models, their features and different benefits is the best way to buy a pump that will be perfect for your situation.

There is no universal time when it comes to buying a breast pump. For some moms, acquiring the breast pump before their baby arrives will help them in getting to know how it works. For some mothers, this important pump will come in handy only when they need to go back to work and thus they will only need it at this time.

Medela Pump

See if your insurance covers this pump!

Since the Affordable Care Act has made money a minor issue in the purchase of a breast pump, you can now get a free insurance breast pump. Because you do not have to dig deep into your pocket to buy a unit, you can just get the pump early prior to the birth of the baby. You can spend time familiarizing yourself with the features of the pump and its capabilities such that when the baby arrives, you will not have a hard time.

Which Pump Is the Best?
There is no such thing as the best breast pump for every mom. There are different breast pumps in the market and each one of them is aimed at catering for different moms according to their needs and preferences. It important to keep in mind that different women will respond differently to the same breast pump and this is regardless of whether the pump has the best reviews or not. There are reported cases where some women do not respond to electric breast pumps and a large supply of milk is achieved using manual pumps.

Another unfortunate thing is that there is no clear way of determining the type of breast pump that will work for you without trying a number of them. Though this is the case, massage and breast compression is helpful and you should learn how to use the pump. You should not equate the milk you pump with what you produce because your baby is the best milk drainer.

Some of the most important things to pay attention to when buying a breast pump is whether your insurance covers breast pump purchase or rental, and also the following elements:

Source of Power – Check to find out if the breast pump requires a power source to function. Will it run on batteries, and where are they located and if they are disposable or rechargeable.Parts coming into contact with the milk – How many parts come into contact with milk and how many need to be washed. The less the number the faster and easier the pumping job will be.

Weight and portability – Weight is important when you have to carry the breast pump around with you. There are pumps that are portable and will allow you to multitask. This means that you can still be cooking and doing the dishes while pumping some milk. Though this might not sound like a necessity, but when you picture spending a long period of time in the same spot, you will be thankful you chose the portable pump.

Price – Price is a big issue in everything but if you have a health insurance cover, you will not have to worry about this because there are insurance covered breast pumps and you will need to talk to your insurance provider about this.

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