Medela Breast Pumps

Medela’s primary focus is breastfeeding. They are in the business of helping moms successfully breastfeed their babies by offering a large array of products that make the journey of breastfeeding as easy as possible. Medela’s beloved and thoughtful products include breast pumps, breast milk storage and feeding, cleaning and sanitizing, breast care, breast pump accessories, and maternity and nursing apparel and support. Medela believes in the value of breast milk and offers moms quality products they can count on. In business for more than 30 years, the Medela team is dedicated to helping moms provide breast milk to their babies.

Medela offers a variety of breast pumps, including:

  • Pump In Style® with MaxFlow™ Breast Pump
    The new Pump In Style with MaxFlow technology provides a hospital performance in a highly effective yet easy to use breast pump with closed system. The Pump In Style includes everything moms need to pump in a stylish bag.
  • Freestyle Flex™ Double Electric Breast Pump
    Medela’s Freestyle Flex™ Double Electric Breast Pump is designed to fit new mom’s active lifestyle: it’s light, compact size and rechargeable battery offer the flexibility to express wherever and whenever they like, with no compromise on pumping performance.
  • Sonata®Smart Breast Pump with PersonalFit Flex™ Breast Shields
    Sonata®, Medela’s double-electric breast pump with 2-Phase Expression® Technology, is the smart breast pump designed with mom and baby in mind.
  • Pump In Style®Advanced Breast Pump
    Pump In Style Advanced is a double electric breast pump designed for moms who pump several times a day.  All Pump In Style Advanced breast pumps offer portable convenience for discreet pumping anywhere.

Benefits of Medela

Medela is a top breast pump brand because their breast pumps include proprietary technology aimed at making mom’s life easier.

Medela includes 2-phase technology which mimics a baby’s natural suckling pattern and makes it easier for moms to express their milk. The faster moms are able to express milk, the more time they have to do all the other million on their to-do list!