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Starting the breastfeeding process can be quite a difficult affair especially for new moms. Most moms will not face the challenges because they don’t have enough milk, but because they get frustrated and clumsy in the feeding. Most will not be doing things the right way and this will only increase the stress level. Because baby formula is not an option for most moms a breast pump is the best way to keep the baby nourished.

The good thing with today’s health care is that with insurance cover you can get a free breast pump without spending a single cent. You will however have to call your insurance provider to understand how you can get a breast pump through insurance coverage. There are different breast pump types which you can choose from but the two main categories are manual and electric breast pumps. There are many products out there but there are some that are considered top rated breast pumps and you can choose any that fits your needs without worrying about the price since you can get an insurance breast pump. You might not have a chance to test all the breast pumps to find out the best one but you can simply look at the features to find the best one for your lifestyle.


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Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump
This is manual pump meaning that the only power source required to run the pump is your hand. The pump functions through mimicking the baby’s initial sucking which is rapid and then expression which is a deeper maximum suckling process. The pump comes with 2 containers, lids, bottle stand and a breast shield. The slow mode is quite great especially for new mothers. This pump is quite easy to use but is not great for long sessions because you will get tired. This particular pump is recommended for when you are on the go as the cleaning is also an easy affair.

Evenflo Single Electric Breast Pump
This pump is either powered by battery or simply plugged into a power outlet. The unit features vacuum settings that are adjustable and will come with a stand, a carrying case, 1 milk container and an AC adapter. Though this pump has a number of different parts is easy to clean and travel with and will assist in pumping 5 ounces of breast milk in a few minutes though it will be loud. The noise factor makes it not admirable but it does its work well.

Medela Freestyle Hands-free Breast Pump
This is a double pump unit with adjustable speed and vacuum settings. The unit comes in a hands-free design which allows moms to pump and handle other different tasks to save on time. The unit comes with important parts aimed at storage, preservation and carrying. If you are a busy mom, then this will be a unit you will find beneficial because you can multitask and enjoy the freedom and flexibility. It can be difficult to use for G and DDD cup moms but with repeated use, you will easily get used to it. Keep in mind that when you bend over while pumping, milk might spill but overall, this is a great addition to your baby items and has a long life.

Philips Avent Twin Electric Breast Pump
Compared to other units, this is a small system but with enough power to imitate the infant’s actions in natural breastfeeding. With this unit, you can control speed, suction and rhythm. The pump can be used for single, double and manual pumping and comes with a lot of extra accessories. If you are looking for versatility, then this is the pump for you. The benefit of converting to manual is useful to any mom.

Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump
This pump is designed to be use on an occasional level and comes with a tight suction design for a smoother milk flow. This is a lightweight unit that is perfect for one hand use. It is effective and will get the job done only that it will not have any fancy features like some of the other units here. This unit is highly portable making a great choice for impromptu traveling and trips.

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