Enfamil Formula

Enfamil Formula

Enfamil Formula, made by Mead Johnson, is trusted by parents and doctors around the world to provide infants with the nutrients they need to thrive. Deciding what to feed your baby is a very personal choice. Enfamil Formula has been trusted for decades by doctors and parents.

Keep reading to learn about some of the specialty formulas Enfamil offers to help babies thrive.From 1972 through 2011, Mead Johnson used Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit on its U.S. packaging. However, in 2012, the company transitioned to its signature duck across its U.S. Enfamil product line.

Enfamil Premature Formula

Enfamil Premature Formula was created specifically for premature or low-birth-weight infants. Babies who are born early often need specialized formula to help them grow and gain weight. Enfamil’s Premature Formula was created to have high levels of nutrients that help promote growth. It also helps support immune systems.
Enfamil Premature Formula is milk-based and has high levels of protein and vitamin D. Additionally, it has a blend of DHA and ARA — two nutrients found in breast milk.

Enfamil Enspire Infant Formula

Enfamil Enspire is designed for newborns and infants, up to 12 months of age. This formula was created to be as close to breast milk as possible and includes Lactoferrin, a key protein that is also found in colostrum and breast milk.
Enfamil Enspire was created with brain-building in mind, which is why it includes MFMG and Omega-3 DHA. This formula provides all nutritional needs that babies have through 12 months of age.

Enfamil Infant Formula

Enfamil Infant Formula is a milk-based formula for infants age 0-12 months. This powder based formula is iron-fortified and easy-to-digest.
Clinical studies have proven that the formula offers positive outcomes in brain development, immune health, and growth. Additionally, Enfamil Infant Formula has been clinically proven to improve long-term cognitive outcomes through 5 years of age and shown to improve respiratory health for 3 years if the baby was fed the formula through 12 months.

Enfamil® NeuroPro EnfaCare® 

Designed specifically for premature babies, Enfamil EnfaCare supports development and growth for babies born before they are full-term.
Enfamil EnfaCare is milk-based and has 22-calories per fluid ounce. Those babies who use Enfamil EnfaCare for their first year of life achieve catch-up growth similar to that of full term, breastfed babies.
Additionally, Enfamil EnfaCare includes the recommended levels of DHA and ARA to support brain and eye development along with a blend of nutrients and antioxidants that help develop a baby’s immune system.

Enfamil NeuroPro

Enfamil NeuroPro includes MFGM & SHA, an ingredient clinically shown to improve developmental milestones.
There are three types of Enfamil NeuroPro Formula: Infant, Gentlease, and Sensitive.
Enfamil NeuroPro Infant is for infants aged 0-12 months who digest their bottles with no fussiness or gas.
Enfamil NeuroPro Gentlease is for infants aged 0-12 months who struggle with fussiness, gas, and crying. This formula has been clinically proven to reduce fussiness and gas while also nourishing the brain.
Enfamil NeuroPro Sensitive is for infantas aged 0-12 months who struggle with a lactose sensitivity.
Each type of Enfamil NeuroPro is easy-to-digest and has been formulated for brain-building with MFGM — a supplement previously only found in breast milk.