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United Health Care covered breast pumps

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Yes, most United HealthCare insurance policies will cover a breast pump at 100% as a preventive benefit.  Following the guidelines of the Affordable Care Act, UHC like most other insurance programs provide for breastfeeding supplies and support at no cost to their members.  The specialists at Insurance Covered Breast Pumps can help you navigate through the details of your insurance coverage policy and make sure that you get your breast pumps and suppliesInsurance Covered Breast Pumps carries all major breast pump brands to suit your unique needs and situation.

A prescription from a UHC authorized physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, or nurse midwife is required.  This prescription must specify the type (manual or standard electric) of breast pump but it does not need to specify any certain brand, model or style.  Breast pumps and supplies covered by UnitedHealthCare can be provided by Insurance Covered Breast Pumps.


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What is United Health Care Insurance?

UnitedHealthCare (or UHC for short) is an insurance healthcare corporation based in Minnetonka, Minnesota.  UHC is the largest healthcare company in the world and serve approximately 115 million individuals.  UnitedHealthcare provides health benefit plans and services for large national employers; provides managed care solutions to state Medicaid programs; manages and provides Medicare and Retirement services to individuals age 50 and older; and provides medical benefits globally to individuals in select countries.

UnitedHealthCare makes medical insurance plans available in all 50 states and generally include health, vision, and dental coverage options.  UHC has more than 85,000 clinical professionals in hospitals, clinics, and physician practices as part of their healthcare network.  More information about UnitedHealthCare and the associated plans can be found at https://www.uhc.com/

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