Ardo Breast Pumps

Nestled among lush green meadows, lakes, and mountains is Unterägeri, Switzerland, home to the Ardo medical head office. This picturesque setting is where all of Ardo’s breast pumps are meticulously assembled by hand. In the late 1960s and 1970s, Ardo founder, Werner Kraehenbuehl, co-founded the world’s first breast pump company and brought the first electric breast pump from Switzerland to the United States. Today, Ardo celebrates 25 years since it was founded by Werner, the pioneer of electric breast pumps.

Still family-owned and family-run in second generation, Ardo is a global company providing moms with breast feeding support, products, and accessories in more than 50 countries. Ardo is the leading manufacturer of true hospital and hospital-grade pumps, with more than 200 hospitals using Ardo hospital pumps, and the number is growing daily.

Ardo offers many pumps, including:

The new Ardo Alyssa is a compact, easy-to-use and innovative breast pump. It is the world’s first breastpump to feature an automatic Power Pumping programme. In addition, it allows you to save your pumping history and, thanks to its integrated battery, gives you the flexibility to pump anywhere, anytime.

The Calypso-To-Go Pure is the ultimate collection with all you need to be totally mobile when you are expressing. The collection includes a double breast pump plus a comprehensive selection of breastfeeding accessories, easy to transport in a stylish breastfeeding bag. Accessories also include: cool bag and cooling elements for storing breast milk. The Calypso-To-Go Pure ships in an efficient cardboard box.