Tips to Help Prevent the Nauseous Feeling During Pregnancy

Morning Sickness and Feeling Nauseous

Feeling nauseous in the first few months during your pregnancy is something that most women go through while pregnant as well. Fortunately there are ways to prevent the nausea from even happening or at least making it less severe and frequent.

Natural ways to prevent nauseous symptoms.

  • Before getting out of bed, try eating crackers, some dry cereal, or a piece of toast. Make sure these are close to your bed, so they are easy to access in the morning.
  • Getting up slowly and sitting on the side of the bed for a few minutes helps to prevent feeling sick in the morning. Image result for morning sickness
  • Avoiding any sudden movements is definitely one of the best things you should try. It is one of the simpler to help prevent the feeling of being nauseous.
  • As far as how much to eat, you should eat six to eight small meals a day. Avoid going long periods without eating.
  • Try eating foods that are high in long acting proteins such as milk, yogurt, cheese, peanut butter, and nuts.
  • Drink fluids between meals instead of during. This includes soups.
  • Avoid greasy, highly seasoned, and fried foods. These include bitter, margarine, bacon, gravies, pie crust, pastries, fried meats, and french fries.
  • Stay away from unpleasant smells. When cooking, open windows and turn on the exhaust fan to get rid of the odors. Wait for a short time before eating, once you are finished cooking.
  • Before bedtime, always eat a snack that is high in protein.
  • Make sure that you always have fresh air and good ventilation in the bedroom.
  • If the nausea is severe, avoid drinking any citrus juice, coffee, and tea.
  • If you are having a hard time keeping liquids down, we would recommend trying to eat popsicles.
  • Ginger is another natural treatment for nausea. Ginger snap cookies, ginger gum, tea, and candy may be beneficial. There are other mothers who found sea bands, mints, or mint gum to help relieve nausea.

Other Options if Nausea Continues

If the tips above are not helping, the nausea becomes more severe and you can’t hold down fluids for more than 24 hours, we recommend you contact the office for further treatment.

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