Simple Tips to Make Breastfeeding a Little Easier

Simple tips

These simple tips can help any mother who wants to try breastfeeding. Every new mom knows breastfeeding can be tough at times and very time consuming. It is a hard skill to learn, but don’t get discouraged. Keep practicing and you will get the hang of it.  Related image

Study before birth

You will need to start research on breastfeeding before giving birth and caring for the baby. Some good places to get this information is through breastfeeding classes, talk to other breastfeeding mothers, La Leche League, clubs, and lactation consultants. You can get to the La Leche League site by clicking this link, here. They have great resources for mothers who are interested in breastfeeding.

It is best to start early

You will get off to a good start if you hold your baby right after birth. While cuddling, is the best time to try. Your baby’s senses are even stronger the hour after birth, and it is wired to want to breastfeed. If allowed to use its senses, your baby should latch on easier because it knows what to do.

How to tell when your baby is hungry

There are a few ways you can tell when your baby is hungry before it starts crying. You will notice your baby chewing on its fists, turning its head from side to side, and making mouthing motions. All of these are signs that your baby is hungry. Learning these signs is important to know, so you can know before they cry.Related image

Skin-to-skin contact

This is probably the best way to calm your fussy baby. Lay your unclothed baby on your bare chest, and this will calm him/her and help trigger the natural feeding instincts.


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