Reasons To Use Breast Pumps As Breastfeeding Supplements


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If you are a mum and you intent to breastfeed your baby you may be wondering why you would need a breast pump. A breast pump comes in handy for many moms in many ways, as much as for some breastfeeding would go without a hitch. There are several reasons as to why a parent would need a breast pump including the fact that health insurance cover breast pump purchase and rental.

During the early days of a premature born or an ill child a mother may not be in a position to breastfeed their child. You can still provide the nourishing breast milk to your child through a hospital grade breast pump or a normal breast pump. For the number of days or weeks the baby will be under the care of the hospital staff, you can use the breast pump to provide breast milk for the new born baby.

The media might portray natural breastfeeding as the easiest part of motherhood and this leads to most mothers getting surprised at how challenging this process is. Sometimes babies will struggle to form a proper latch and breastfeeding will be a difficult thing for them. This will, in most cases, lead to the frustration of the mom and the baby will go hungry. Through using a pump, you will be in a position to express milk and ensure that the baby is getting the nutrients in breast milk.

In some cases, there are mothers that fail to keep up with the hunger of their babies. This means that they are not producing enough milk when the baby needs it. Through the use of a pump, you can express milk and use it when the baby’s appetite is more than you can handle through breastfeeding. Breast pumps have been found to raise the level of milk supply for some moms.

Yes, breastfeeding creates an important bond between the mother and the infant but it is relaxing for a mother when other people get to feed the baby. The good part is that while the mother rests and sleeps the baby will still be getting the nutritious breast milk expressed earlier. It is also a great time for the dad to take over a number of late night feedings as the mom enjoys a break a good night sleep.

The low supply of milk has always been a concern but most people do not pay attention to the overproduction which can also be an issue. When a mom is producing milk levels that are higher than the baby actually needs, then this becomes a problem because there will be pain and leaks which can be quite embarrassing. Through the use of a breast pump, the mother can be in a position to pump the excess milk without necessarily waking the baby for feeding.

There is also a complication of infections such as thrush which are passed from mouth to nipple and they are uncomfortable for both the mum and the baby. During this infection period and until it is over, the best way to keep feeding the baby without any complication is through breast pumping as this will avoid re-infection.

There are many kinds of emergency such as a need to be out of town that might leave the baby hungry. However, with a breast pump you can express milk directly into a container and this can be transferred to freezer bags which are easy to store in refrigeration. When you are not close, the milk can be used to feed the baby and ensure he/she is nourished as usual.

The backup frozen milk comes in handy in different situations such as when a mother is ill and cannot handle the natural breastfeeding process. The medications she might be taking might not be healthy for the baby and thus the storage will be used during this period. Though it is important to breastfeed for 6 months, some mothers need to go back to work and a breast pump will come in handy.
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