How to Pump the Most Milk in the Shortest Time

Learn how to pump the most amount of milk in the shortest amount of time

How to Pump the Most Amount of Milk in the Shortest Amount of Time

The goal of the pumping mama is to get as much milk as possible in the shortest amount of time as possible. The less time you spend attached to your pump, the more freedom you have. And the more milk you pump, the less you have to worry about having enough for your babe.

When I was a pumping, working mama, I would try to time myself to get 8oz in 15 minutes. Sometimes it worked like a charm and other times I stressed myself out so much that after 15 minutes I’d only have a few ounces, obviously adding to my stress.

There are a few tips and tricks I learned along the way that helped me achieve my pumping goals.

1. Become a wizard at setting up your pump

Here are three tips to get as much of the liquid gold as you can in the shortest amount of time

Here are three tips to get as much of the liquid gold as you can in the shortest amount of time

This mostly comes with time, but if you can get your pump completely set up in mere seconds, you’re already on your way to minimizing your time spent pumping. I also would put my pump away in a certain order so that it was easier to get it out and set up.

When I was setting up to pump, first, I plugged it into the wall. Next, I attached my bottles to the flanges (I should have done this at home, but live and learn), next I attached the flanges to the tubing. Finally, I put on my hands-free nursing bra and put in the flanges and I was off to the races.

2. Go hands-free

It wasn’t until I was on my second baby that I realized why using my hands-free pumping bra resulted in SO much more milk. When a baby is breastfeeding, they apply suction and compression. However, when you are pumping all the pump does is provide suction. By using a hands-free bra I was able to massage my breast while pumping which resulted in suction and compression and a lot more milk!

3. Get on a schedule

If your body is expecting to pump and/or feed, it is more likely to have milk ready and waiting. I tried to stick to a schedule at work so that I knew exactly what times I would be pumping. If I ever had to veer from this schedule, I could definitely see it in my supply.

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