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Mother Baby Maternity Support Brace

The Mother Baby™ maternity support brace distributes stress evenly across the back, helping to reduce back pain during pregnancy while also supporting the weight of the developing baby. This specially designed brace can be used throughout pregnancy and easily transitions to postpartum. Hand loops and dual pull closures make the brace easy to apply and delivers patient-controlled compression to the abdominal area. Accommodates hot and cold gel packs to ease muscle soreness. Constructed of nylon and other breathable fabrics that provide proactive temperature regulation to help manage heat and moisture beneath the brace for all-day comfort.



Features and Benefits

  • Power-Pull Closures effortlessly adjust compression
  • Adjusts to accommodate abdominal growth throughout pregnancy
  • Helps maintain proper posture
  • Relieves pressure and stabilizes pelvis
  • One size fits all

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