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Elvie Double Electric Breast Pump – Insurance Covered

$499.99   (If Not Covered)

Double Electric Breast Pump


The Elvie Double Electric Breast pump is one of the markets newest and most innovative breast pumps yet!  The Elvie is totally hands-free making this a great pump for mom’s on the go.  This pump allows you to use the free Elvie Pump app to help moms in monitoring pumping history, volume, and to control the pump directly from your phone. The Elvie pump also is quiet enough that you can pump whenever, wherever!

Includes: 2 Elvie hubs, 2 BPA free bottles (5 oz/150 ml), 4 (2 x 24 mm, 2 x 28 mm) breast shields, 4 valves, 4 spouts, 4 seals, 4 storage lids, 4 bra adjusters, 2 USB charge cables, 2 carry bags

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