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Premature Baby Formula

Premature Baby Formula

Delivering a premature baby can be a very scary and difficult time. One way to help ease the
worries that come along with having an early baby is finding the right premature baby formula.

Premature baby formulas that are designed for premature babies are different than those designed for full-term

Premature baby formula is designed with enriched nutrition for infants who were born early orpremature baby formula
with low birth weight.

There are several premature baby formulas that are designed specifically for low birthweight
babies. Some of their unique qualities include:
●Greater calories per ounce
●More protein
●DHA for brain and eye development
●Lutein to support eye health
●Vitamin E to support developing cells

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Why a Preemie Needs Premature Baby Formula

It is suggested by the American Academy of Pediatrics that premature babies and low birth
weight babies use a specialty formula to help them catch up on their growth.

Babies born preterm often have different nutritional needs than babies born full-term. If they
need a stay in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), their weight and growth will be watched
very closely. They may often have trouble feeding from a bottle or breast, making it especially
important to use a high-calorie premature baby formula if not using breast milk.

Preterm babies also may have a variety of health issues that make utilizing a premature baby
formula even more important.

Weight gain will be extremely important and is closely monitored for premature babies. They
are often not allowed to leave the hospital until they are gaining weight steadily.

When to Stop Premature Baby Formula

This is definitely a question for your doctor. Some babies will be able to switch to a non
premature baby formula quickly and some may stay on it for well over a year. Your doctor will
monitor weight, growth, and milestones to determine when is the right time to switch from
premature baby formula to a regular formula.

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