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Nutramigen Formula

Using Nutramigen Formula for Your Baby

There are many parenting decisions that can be difficult to make. Deciding what to feed your
baby is one of them. When you have a baby who is dealing with milk protein allergies or colic, it
can be even more difficult to find a formula that fits your baby’s needs. That’s when Nutramigen
Formula comes into play.Manufactured by Enfamil – one of the most trusted formula makers – Nutramigen Formula
offers relief for babies who have allergies. It is clinically demonstrated that Nutramigen Formula
may help reduce allergies in the future, as well.

In addition to allergies, Nutramigen Formula is also recommended for babies who have colic. By
using specialty formula to manage the symptoms, some babies see results with their first
feedings and 90% have a reduction of their colic within 48-hours.

How to Identify Colic in Infants

Many new parents wonder if their cranky infant actually has colic. All infants cry and fuss, but
there is a line that distinguishes between normal infant behavior and colic. If you have a baby
who has been diagnosed with colic, trying Nutramigen Formula may help relieve some of their

How to Identify Colic in Infants
Many new parents wonder if their cranky infant actually has colic. All infants cry and fuss, but
there is a line that distinguishes between normal infant behavior and colic. If you have a baby
who has been diagnosed with colic, trying Nutramigen Formula may help relieve some of their
Here are some symptoms of colic in infants:
●Crying or fussing for more than 3 hours a day
●Crying for no obvious reason (they are not hungry and do not have a dirty diaper)
●Crying at the same time each day
●Clenching their fists or curling their legs while crying
Nutramigen Formula can help relieve these symptoms with its hypoallergenic composition.
How to Identify Milk Protein Allergies in Infants
When it comes to identifying milk protein allergies, talking to your doctor is very important. If
your baby is diagnosed with an allergy, it will be imperative to get them on a hypoallergenic
formula like Nutramigen Formula to help relieve their symptoms.
Here are some symptoms of milk protein allergies in infants:
●Frequent spitting up
●Excessive crying
●Blood in stool
If your baby has been diagnosed with colic or a milk protein allergy by your doctor, consider
using Nutramigen Formula to help ease their symptoms.