How to Know if Your Baby is Ready to Switch Breasts

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Knowing when to switch breasts while breastfeeding is important for both you and your baby. Letting your baby finish one breast before moving on to the other one is key. This gives the baby all the fat and calories it needs. It also helps to keep up your supply.

The best way to know when you will need to switch, is to watch your baby. Your baby will give you subtle cues to let you know when it is done, like any pauses or breaks. As these last longer, you can compress your breast to see if it causes your baby to eat some more. When your baby is finished, it will come off the breast on its own. It may also fall asleep or stop sucking even when you compress your breast.

A good sign that your baby is done, is when they do little sucking motions, but they are not swallowing or actively sucking. If you notice this, then it is okay to take your baby off one breast and offer the other one. When the baby is still asleep or isn’t interested, you can wait to offer the other side at the next feeding. Breastfeeding trackers are helpful in keeping track of which side you last fed your baby on. You can easily find printable sheets online for free and they are important for busy moms who want to stay on track.

Breast Pumps

Breast pumps are a great thing to have on hand if your baby doesn’t want to drink more, but you need to keep your supply up or relieve pressure. You can easily check if your insurance will cover your breast pump 100% by clicking this link, Am I Covered.



Insurance Covered Breast Pumps

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