Insight On Better Breast Pumping

A few adjustments and tricks might increase the amount of milk output. If milk is to be produced in proper amounts the mother should make sure during the extraction process she employs some good relaxation skills and proper breast compression skills both described below-

Relaxation Skills While Pumping

Most people find relaxing during the extraction process quite impossible as they might find it uncomfortable. Milk will however not come out in such a situation if the body is tense, it is important to employ some relaxation skills to ensure a proper milk flow, below are some of the skills to be employed.

Positioning: During the process the mother should sit down with her shoulders relaxed and find a supporting system that will support the bottles during the process to avoid leaning forward.

Environment: The mother should listen to some soothing music that will create a relaxed environment possibly have a cup of tea all this to enhance comfort.

Baby Cues: If the mother is pumping away from the baby it is important to carry with her cues that will prompt milk flow the cues will bring thoughts of her child. Most mothers respond good to scents of their baby so the mother should carry with them a piece of clothe that the child wore or slept with as long as it doesn’t have much spit on it. Other moms respond good to pictures or sound from their baby as such they should carry around pictures of their child or recordings of their child making hungry noises, loud cries are however not advised as they might be nagging.

Bottle watching: If the mother finds it hard to pump more milk or to stop a letdown she can resort to convincing herself that any milk produced is precious to her child. In such a situation the mother should stop watching the bottle and visualize on things such as waterfalls, spilled milk tracks or even think of images of their child satisfied after a feeding process. This will trigger the milk ducts to produce more milk.

Activity: Most moms prefer pumping as they engage themselves in some work this gives them a relaxed feeling since they don’t concentrate on the pumping process. This also motivates them to work hard in the work they are doing at that specific time. It is advisable for the mother to engage in something she likes doing that will enhance comfort during the process. The mother may read a novel from her best novelist, read a magazine or the daily paper as the pumping process proceeds, surf the internet for interesting topics if she pumps close to a computer. She should endeavor to make that moment a relaxed moment or if she might have some work that beats a deadline she might pump hands free as she finishes up her work, generally she should engage in anything that keeps her relaxed.

Breast Compressions
Compressing the breast while pumping might stimulate milk flow as it helps in draining all the milk ducts thoroughly. During the pumping process the mother should massage the breasts lightly from the armpits towards the nipple or closer as long as she doesn’t dislodge the breast shields. As the process continues the mother can slowly increase the massage finishing up with a firm squeeze of the breasts.

For proper results the massage should be combined with a stroke shake routine after the milk flow is done the pump should be removed. Afterwards the breasts should be massaged from the armpits towards the nipple then from the middle of the chest towards each nipple. The mother should then stroke each breast gently a few times this should be finalized with a slight shake on both breasts, on re introducing the pump more milk will flow.


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Consider a Good Fit Pump
If by any chance the mother finds it challenging to pump she might consider a right fit pump. Having right size flanges will also increase milk production.

Keep in mind that you can get a breast pump covered by insurance companies and if you have insurance, then you will get a free breast pump without digging into your pocket.




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