When You Should Start Breast Pumping and the Importance of Cleaning Your Pump Parts

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Breast pumping requires a lot of work and time. Knowing you are giving your baby the best nutrition and food for your baby makes it worth it. Best time to start pumping and building up your supply, is a few weeks before going back to work. Pump in the morning when your supply is at it highest. Start pumping at least an hour after you fed your baby and an hour before your baby will need to be fed again. In doing so, your body will have enough milk to pump and to feed your baby again.  By pumping and nursing at home, you won’t get as much milk as you would pumping at work. You are just building up your supply before you go back to work, so it is okay to store a little at a time in your freezer until then.

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To keep all the parts of your pump bacteria free, you will need to clean it after every use. This is important when you have an open system pump where milk can get in the tube.  If you don’t have access to water, you can use breast pump cleaning wipes. If you don’t have the time available, you may purchase an extra set of parts. By having the extra set, you can use each set once a day and clean them after work. It is best to remember to bring your breast pump home and clean all the parts once a week in hot water. Dishwasher works the best at getting everything clean at once in hot water. They will all be clean and ready for the next day.

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