Common Questions Mothers Have During Pregnancy

Some common questions

Here are a few common questions that most mothers have, especially if it is their first pregnancy.

What is your estimated due date?Image result for baby due date

Your due date is set to help you gauge your potential delivery date. The baby can be born any time around this day, which is usually within 10 days. Only one in twenty babies are born on their exact due date. A full-term baby is usually born 280 days from the last period to delivery. Your doctor will let you know this date at one of your first appointments and the date doesn’t change for the whole pregnancy.

When will you start to feel your baby move?Image result for baby movement

Usually between 16-25 weeks of pregnancy, mothers start to feel movement. In the beginning, movements will be infrequent and may feel very faint. As the baby grows, you will start to feel it more often. If you have a concern regarding movement at 28 weeks, you can eat something with sugar, lie on your side, and press your hand on your belly. You should feel 6-7 movements per hour. Contact your physician’s office if you have a concern or you aren’t feeling movements as much as you should.

What do you need to know regarding dental care?

  • Your teeth and gums can become more sensitive during your pregnancy. It is best to continue to have regular dentist visits and maintain goo oral hygiene. If you need any kind of x-rays done, inform your dentist and shield your abdomen.

Will you be able to use a Jacuzzi while pregnant?

  • It is NOT recommended to submerge yourself in hot water. This includes saunas, hot yoga, or steam rooms

Can you travel?Related image

Traveling is safe if the pregnancy isn’t complicated. When you reach 36 weeks, we recommend staying close to home. While traveling, be sure to take breaks and walk around at least every two hours and drink plenty of fluids. If traveling in a car, make sure you wear a seatbelt and position it below your abdomen.  If you are involved in an accident, call your doctor immediately.


Can I take care of my pets and still go to the salon for treatments?

  • If you have cats, it is best to let your physician know. Try to avoid cleaning the litter box or use gloves when you do. Cat feces may contain the rare infection toxoplasmosis. As far as going to the salon, you should make sure you are in a large, well ventilated space for both hair coloring and nail care. Avoid hair treatments in the first trimester.


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