Appropriate Tips For Choosing The Best Electric Breast Pump

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As much as most people might think that choosing a breast pump is easy it’s actually the contrary, choosing the breast pump is not as easy as people might think. Most moms who have used the pumps before would definitely agree, below is a breakdown of 5 important tips that should be considered by any interested mother before they actually choose the electrical pump.

Tip #1 – Consider the four W’s

The four W’s are:
• What – is its use for?
• Where – is its use?
• When – is its use?
• Why – are you using it?

What – For what reason are you breastfeeding, possibly the baby might be born premature prompting feeding using the bottle as the infant cannot feed from the breast or maybe the mother is looking to increase milk supply or she probably wants to exclusively feed the child from the bottle.

Where – The mother might want to use the pump privately or publicly and the where factor assist in consideration as she might want to use it from home, out and about or maybe even carry it to work and pump as she works.

When – When basically narrows down to the time factor as in what time would the mother most likely prefer to pump the milk. Will she pump when the child is asleep or will the mother extend the pumps use progressively?

Why – The mother should also give a consideration on why she wants to acquire the pump. Possibly she might have given birth to a premature child who cannot breast feed directly, probably she had to return to work immediately after the child’s birth or she simply needed some time off prompting the child to be fed with a bottle.

Tip #2 – Price / Budget
As much as money or price of the breast pump might seem to be of top consideration a lot of factors are looked down upon when it comes to purchasing them, as one can spend an enormous amount on a pump that wouldn’t serve her as required as she over looked the other factors.

Before purchasing the pump an in depth review is necessary as it will assist the mother in knowing what is offered and the pumps that suite her four W’s above. Considerations on why the pump is being bought are necessary as the pumps range from $70.00 to thousands of dollars but one should consider their reason for purchase.

If you have insurance, then it is important to know that you can get a manual or an electric breast pump from top rated breast pumps though insurance. ACA has made it possible for moms to get breast pumps through insurance coverage.

Tip #3 – Review form previous buyers
As a buyer it is necessary to check on the ratings of the product before buying it as the breastfeeding pumps might be branded excellent but reviews from customers are nothing close to what they say as they market the product. Get familiar with the reviewsfrom previous buyers and if the pros top the cons you can check the pumps out. You might do this by contacting previous buyers or checking the star ratings of the product before purchase.

Tip #4 – Brand
Brand is a major factor in buying the pumps as one should mostly check the brand that is common, for it being common definitely means its services are impeccable. For instance the pumps used in hospitals are quite efficient worth checking out when need for purchase. As much as the major brands are efficient checking out the minor ones wouldn’t hurt as they might offer similar brands that are in sync with your W’s.

Tip #5 – Bonuses / Extras
Humans have a high affinity to the extras, otherwise known as bonus and as the sellers definitely know what will impress the market they serve to sell the breastfeeding pumps with extras they might even put out discounts as bonuses. As a buyer this would be appealing but as much as we consider the good for purchases make sure the major good in this case being the breastfeeding pump is to your satisfaction since it is the main good up for purchase.

Remember to call your insurance company for breast pump information and how the policy works.

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