6 Surprising Things About Having a Baby

6 surprising things about having a baby

6 Surprising Things About Having a Baby

Having a baby is a shock. Literally. You will be shocked by how much love you feel, how much work there is, and how different your life is.

Here are six things that we think are very surprising about having a baby.

With babies and childbirth comes milk, urine, and blood

With babies and childbirth comes milk, urine, and blood

1.  How much bodily fluid there is

This includes from both mother and child. When you wake up and your shirt and sheets are soaked, your first thought will be — is that breastmilk, urine, or blood. It will take some detective work to figure it out.

2. How jiggly your body will feel after giving birth

The few days after your baby is born, a lot of women feel like their organs are just rumbling around in there. While your baby is living inside you, your organs all move out of the way to make room. After the baby is born, it can take awhile for your interiors to feel normal again.

3. How intense after-contractions can be

Nobody warns you that if you are breastfeeding, you will continue to experience contractions every time your baby latches for up to 3-5 days. With each baby you have, the contractions will get more and more intense. The first baby isn’t so bad, but by the third you will be taking pain meds for contractions days after your baby is actually born.

Your baby's every feature will feel like a miracle

Your baby’s every feature will feel like a miracle

4. How worried you will feel about your baby’s weight-gain

Most babies need to be monitored to make sure they gain their birth weight back quickly. Even if the doctor tells you there’s nothing to worry about, chances are you will worry and try to get as much milk into their little bellies as possible.

5. How “touched out” you may feel

If you used to be an affectionate wife or partner, having a new baby can potentially change that. Holding and nursing a baby all day can lead you to feel very “touched out” and crave nothing more than some alone time with your body. Explaining that to your partner can be difficult.

6. How impressive you find perfectly normal body parts

Your baby’s little body will seem like a full-on miracle despite having seen babies for your entire life. Their toes, eyelashes, and tiny little feet will make you believe in miracles.

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