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Breast Pump Spectra 9 Plus – Insurance Covered

$200.00   (If Not Covered)

The Spectra 9 Plus Double Electric Breast pump features a bright LCD display with times, adjustable suction/cycle, built in rechargeable battery.  This pump is compact and discreet and can fit in any carrying case.  Although it has a small design, it has the max suction of 300 mmHG of suction pressure.

This product is often times covered by insurance and pairs perfectly with our tote and cooler for an additional $50.00 charge.


The Spectra 9 Plus double electric breast pump features a bright digital display with customizable suction and cycle settings.  Its compact and lightweight design features a rechargeable battery with the max suction pressure of 280 mmHg.  This pump is also a closed system so milk does not back up into the tubing or pump.

Includes: Two 24 mm and two 28 mm breast shields, two 5 oz wide mouth bottles, and rechargeable built in battery.




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