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Lansinoh® Smartpump Deluxe Breast Pump – Insurance Covered

$165.00   (If Not Covered)

Double Electric Breast Pump


The Lansinoh Smartpump is the first pump on the market to use Bluetooth technology to connect to their Lansinoh Baby App.  The Lansinoh Baby App will allow you to track pumping sessions, your baby’s growth and so much more.  This pump features a digital display with three customizable pumping options, you are able to select a pumping rhythm that closely mimics your baby.  This double electric breast pump is also a closed system, which guarantees that milk will not backup into the tubing or motor.

Includes:   Lansinoh® Smartpump™ Double Electric Breast Pump, four 5 oz bottles, two breast flange bodies, two diaphragm caps, two diaphragms, two Standard ComfortFit™ flanges (25mm), two Large ComfortFit™ flanges (30.5mm), four storage caps, two feeding collars, two NaturalWave™ Nipples and caps, two bottle stands, four valves, one connection tubes, one custom Lansinoh tote bag, one cooler bag with ice pack and one AC adapter.


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