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Motif Twist Double Electric Breast Pump – Insurance Covered

$130.00   (If Not Covered)

Double Electric Breast Pump


The Motif Twist double electric breast pump allows adjustable suction control to fit your personal needs. This pump has a rechargeable battery technology making it easy to take your pump on the go. To conserve battery, this pump has an auto shut-off feature after 30 minutes of use. Not only is this pump lightweight, but it also has a quiet motor for discreet pumping. You can quickly convert this double electric pump to a single breast pump to accommodate your breast-feeding needs. This pump is a closed system, which guarantees that milk will not backup into the tubing or motor.



Includes: (1) Double electric breast pump, (2) Breastshields, massage shields, & covers, (2) 180mL milk collection container sets, (2) Nipples, (2) Valves & membranes, (1) Tubing, (2) Connectors & diaphragms, (1) Power adapter


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