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Breast Pump Little Martin’s Drawer Single Electric


Single Electric Breast Pump


The Little Martin’s Pearl Hospital-Strength Electric Single Breast Pump combines hospital-recommended technology and mom-friendly features. The soft BPA-free silicon breast shields and advance rhythmic technology mimics a baby’s natural sucking to safely releases milk faster. The breast pump is lightweight and travel friendly with its quiet motor and rechargeable lithium battery. Dual-mode technology provides 20 fast or slow pumping patterns to optimize your personal experience.


 Includes: (1) Silicone membrane, (2) Valves, (1) Breastshield, (1) Breastshield cap, (1) 5oz Breastmilk bottle, (1) Bottle lid, (1) Feeding nipple, (1) Tubing, (1) Power adapter, (1) USB cable, user manual, (3) Animal stickers


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