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Breast Pump Supplies Through Insurance

Breast Pump Supplies Through Insurance

If you're on our site, you know that you can get your breast pump covered through insurance, but did you know that we also offer breast pump supplies and resupplies through insurance?

New breast pump supplies matter for a few good reasons.

  1. New supplies can help reduce bacteria and mold build-up
  2. New supplies helps make sure your pump is working at maximum capacity
  3. Over time, parts can become warped or damaged

That's why we offer monthly replacement parts at Insurance Covered Breast Pumps.

New pumping supplies can help relieve the mental load

New pumping supplies can help relieve the mental load

We deliver new tubing, breast shields, and flanges to your door covered through your insurance! This will help your pump work to the best possible capacity. You can read all about what breast shields and flanges are here.

Moms love having an extra set of breast pump parts on hand so they can easily stick to their breastfeeding schedule without having to stop and wash breast pumps. Also, if a part breaks there's no mad rush to find a place that can deliver the part ASAP. There's no worse feeling than being engorged with no way to find relief.

For moms who bring their pumps to work, being able to stash some extra parts at work just in case you ever forget something is also a huge help and removes one worry from the mental load.

Our goal is always to make your breastfeeding and pumping journey as easy as possible. That's why we are so proud to offer this amazing service of making sure you have the breast pump parts you need without having to lift a finger.

At Insurance Covered Breast Pumps, we know that the pumping life is mom life. And we want you to be successful!

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